Custom Homes & Cottages

With more than 13 years in the renovation, design and custom home building business on the North Bruce Peninsula, our experienced team of skilled carpenters & architectural experts offer you only the best.  Our team works with you to create beautifully designed, hand tailored homes and cottages on your dream property, from the pre-construction planning phases to excavation and the finishing touches.

         Renovations & Additions                                        Structural Framing                                                        Decks                                           Excavation & Landscaping Services


Pre-Construction Services

Your project is unique, and you want to feel confident about what’s ahead. No surprises. To get you there, we listen carefully first, well before the first shovel hits the ground. Then our integrated approach kicks into high gear. Ultimately, it comes down to certainty you can count on today and throughout the home construction project. A sampling of our services include:

  • Rough Estimate
  • Client Consultations & Communications
  • Site Plan - Showing Compliance to Zoning Provisions to be Made Part of Permit Application
  • Show New Proposed Conduit Runs for Utilities
  • Permits Required
  • Entrance Way
  • Septic
  • Building
  • Energy Efficiency Design Summary
  • Plumbing (Kitchen or Bathroom Reno)
  • Deck Permit
  • Heat Loss Calculation
  • Site/Lot Evaluation
  • High Water Mark or Flood Proofing Constraints Assessment
  • Lot Line Survey
  • Design
  • Preliminary Plans
  • Final Construction Plans
  • Budgeting - Includes Labour & Materials for In House Services
  • Sub Trade Services
  • Contracts with Timelines, Payment Schedules & Scope of Work
  • Pre-Construction Interior Finish Design Assistance
  • Pre-Construction Exterior Finish Design Assistance